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Alexander Technique Lessons

During lessons, students are taught to attentively understand their habits through heightened sensory awareness--they give attention to things previously considered automatic. This involves releasing unwanted tension that has accumulated over time.

Mary Naden gives table work during an Alexander Technique lesson in Takoma Park, MD   Mary Naden works with a mother and baby during an Alexander Technique lesson in Takoma Park, MD      

Students learn how to stop and change a habitual response, whether it be slumping at a computer, tensing the neck before speaking, or gripping the knees during a golf swing.

They learn new ways of reacting both physically and mentally to stimuli, and find a physical response that works better for the whole organism. This allows the body to have a proper relationship with gravity and the counter forces of gravity, thereby tapping into its natural spring and liveliness. It decompresses the downward pull we experience through our spine and joints, and gives us a new sense of lightness and ease in our system.

Mary Naden will carefully observe you, and give you verbal and gentle physical guidance to help you be the discoverer of your own physical life, thereby empowering you to change what doesn't work.

Lessons often focus on simple tasks such as standing, sitting and walking before more demanding tasks are examined. This allows students to understand basic principles of efficient locomotion previous to more "laden" tasks such as a sport, playing an instrument or singing. There may be a relaxing lying down lesson, where Mary will use subtle hands-on guidance to help you experience less effort in your body.

  • private lessons
  • small speciality group classes
  • workshops for large or small groups
  • movement coaching
  • voice coaching

Mary Naden teaches a group Alexander Technique workshop in Takoma Park, MD

Upcoming Classes and Workshops:

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