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Mary Naden, Alexander Technique teacher in Takoma Park, MD

Mary Naden is an ATI certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Besides maintaining her private practice, she also teaches the technique at Catholic University and the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University. She completed three years of training at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique with Martha Hansen-Fertman, apprenticed with Susan Cohen at Catholic University, attended a post-graduate year at ATNYC with John Nicholls, and additionally trained with some of the finest teacher-trainers in the country.

Originally a professional performer, Mary previously taught in the theatre departments of Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the University of Maryland. She is in frequent demand as a master class teacher for diverse theatres, universities and organizations such as Arena Stage, Georgetown Law Center, Fannie Mae, The Sunderman Conservatory of Music and American University. Her particular areas of interest are how the Alexander Technique can positively affect public performance and workplace ease, as well as back and joint pain relief and aging well.

Mary brings over 20 years of voice and movement teaching experience to her practice. After receiving an MFA from Ohio University Professional Actor Training Program, she studied with Kristen Linklater, Gregory Cole, Michael Morgan and other highly recognized voice teachers. She also studied a wide variety of physical techniques that informed her knowledge of how people move. The Alexander Technique became a guiding force in her thinking and teaching. She saw its clear benefits in not only being a powerful embodiment of presence and vocal strength, but also as an effective tool in self-care to counter the effects of tension, strain and physical wear on the body.

Mary continues to study and refine her skills. She brings encouragement, sensitivity, commitment and an articulate energy to her work with people from all walks of life.

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