private lessons


"My livelihood demands that I present information to groups of people.

Sometimes this information can be quite complex, and my anxiety seems to increase in direct proportion to the complexity of information I am delivering. Mary has helped me relate to these demands in a holistic healthy way. I literally use her methods and body awareness on a daily basis."

- Drew R., PhD, Researcher

what you'll learn

During lessons, you will identify and get rid of un-needed tension while more easily carrying out your daily activities. You are taught to understand your habits through heightened sensory awareness

As a student, you are an active participant in the process of self-care. You develop kinesthetic knowledge, and learn to recognize patterns of tension, holding and physical overworking, whether it be while playing an instrument, sitting at a computer, running, speaking or a myriad of other activities.

You will learn new ways of reacting both physically and mentally to stimuli, and find a physical response that works better for the whole organism. You learn to decompress the downward pull we experience through our spine and joints, and find a new sense of lightness in your system.


what happens

As your teacher, I observe, assess and then help you change the way you think about entire body coordination patterns, thereby empowering you to change what doesn’t work.. We also pay close attention to freeing your breathing, which can create a more powerful speaking and singing voice.

 I use gentle  verbal and hands-on guidance to help your body awareness during a process of release and expansion. Because the way we feel physically affects our mental and emotional outlook, my students often report that they feel calmer and more balanced in everyday life.

After assessing your habits and patterns, we start re-learning basics- often combining
time sitting, standing, walking and some of the daily tasks in your life. There is also a
relaxing table component where I use subtle manipulation to help you clarify the
sensations of ease and expansion we foster in the active lessons.