what is alexander technique?

Mary Naden

Health fads come and go, but Alexander Technique is here to stay.


Alexander technique is a form of postural re-education that teaches you to use your whole body with ease, efficiency, ability and power. It is proven effective in relieving back pain and other types of joint and muscle pain, and it is taught in major music and theatre schools worldwide to prevent repetitive stress injuries and to maximize performance.   

It's been incorporated into the work of famous performers such as Judy Dench, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jamie Lee Curtis, Paul McCartney, and the late Robin Williams.

 The name “Alexander Technique” is perhaps too simple.  It is a body of work developed over decades by F.M. Alexander beginning in the late 19th century. In the work’s infancy Alexander was most interested in investigating the reasons why he as an actor kept straining his voice onstage. Through much experimentation, he refined the whole-mind-whole body way of working and thinking that is the Alexander Technique today. The procedures he developed proved immensely beneficial to people in daily activity. The Technique continues to evolve, and is now a valued practice in the performance and medical communities, as well as the object of study by neuroscientists.

 For resources about Alexander Technique, visit www.alexandertechnique.com