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"An estimated 149 million days of work per year are lost due to (lower back pain). The condition is also costly with total costs estimated to be between 100–200 billion dollars annually, two-thirds of which are due to decreased wages and productivity.” (


Workshops & Programs

I offer workshops and programs for organizations and companies.  It is unfortunately common for people to suffer back, neck, joint pain and stress at their workplace. Desk set-ups, lots of time spent on computers or time on your feet and repetitive motions can all stress your physical and mental well-being. I tailor-make programs for offices, retreats and wellness fairs, as well as address individual worker concerns.

 Additionally, I have years of expertise in voice and presentation skills that can help anyone in your team feel more confident, relaxed and capable communicating with others.

Lunchtime Learning

A popular option is lunchtime learning. Offer your employees a way to learn and care for themselves at the office and elsewhere.

One hour mid-day group class on site to:

  • prevent neck/back strain and fatigue
  • re-learn patterns of coordination and analyze the way you use your desk and computer for the least amount of stress on your body
  • find freedom in breathing to support communication and decrease stress


Further Offerings:

Let me work with your organization to tailor a program of:

  • A series of classes;
  • on-going lessons;
  • 2- hour masterclasses;
  • specific topics such as presenting for groups or computing.


Individuals seeking support in your workplace? 

I offer 45-minute private lessons in your office or auditorium for postural re-education and speaking confidence. Learn more >