Mary Naden

is an ATI certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Besides maintaining her private practice, she also teaches A.T. in the Drama Department of Catholic University and the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University. She completed three years of training at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique, attended a post-graduate year at ATNYC with John Nicholls, and additionally trained with some of the finest teacher-trainers in the country.


Your passion for teaching the
Alexander Technique made everything I learned come to life
— Lucas M., Business Manager

 alexander technique

 Alexander Technique teaches you to use your whole body with ease, efficiency, ability and power. It is proven effective in relieving back pain and other types of joint and muscle pain, and it is taught in major music and theatre schools worldwide to prevent repetitive stress injuries and to maximize performance.

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I have learned that there is a
lifetime of information that I can learn from just my own body
— Thomas R., Priest